Utah colocation issues and considerations

As you continue to look at colocating your servers in Utah, there are a few things that you should consider:
•  How disaster-safe is Utah?
•  Can Utah deliver enough electrical power?
•  Does Utah have a mature technical infrastructure?
•  How competitive is the data center colocation pricing?

How disaster safe is Utah?
Utah is relatively disaster free - there have been very few Presidential Disaster Declarations in Utah. Utah is due for an earthquake, but that's the only natural disaster that Utah is susceptible to having. You don't get tornado's, hurricanes, fires and seasonal flooding that seem so prevalent in the Mid-West, East Coast and West Coast of the United States. Flooding makes up the majority of Presidential Disaster Declarations, and Utah's last flood was in 2005 and it was isolated to a few remote Utah counties.

Can Utah deliver enough electrical power?
Utah has the cheapest power rates in the nation (Tier1Research Data Center Selection 2009), meaning that the demand for the available electricity is not as much as in the rest of the nation. You can be sure to have an ample supply of electrical power as well as low cost rates that make colocating in Utah so attractive. However, because of the rapid expansion of housing developments, some sub-stations are running at maximum output, but it is only a matter of time before additional substations will be built. As additional substations are built, power redundancy up to the top tier is possible. For example, C7 Data Centers in Lindon, UT receives power from two separate sub-stations, which gives their data center a redundant power source all the way up to the sub-station tier.

Does Utah have a mature technical infrastructure?
Utah has an established history of solid tech companies that have helped to develop a great technology infrastructure. Novell, Omniture, Overstock.com and Word Perfect all started in Utah, and help to give Utah the nick-name of "Silicon Slopes". Utah has a strong open source community, and many national technology companies have offices in Utah, plus large data centers are being built to take advantage of the low power rates and great lifestyle. You can feel confident that Utah can handle the infrastructure and highly-trained staffing demands that a technology company requires.

How competitive is the data center colocation pricing?
Because of the low power rate, low employment costs and low building cost, Utah is a very competitive place to colocate your servers in world class data centers. With great connectivity, companies from around the world are choosing Utah for their colocation and disaster recovery data center needs.