Why Companies Choose Utah For Data Backup and Data Storage

There are several reasons why companies choose Utah for data backup and data storage. Here are few to consider:

  1. Utah has cheap power. With power being the primary cost of a data center, the lower the cost of power the more aggressive pricing a data center company can offer. 
  2. Utah is disaster safe. You don't hear of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and severe weather happening in Utah. Your data needs to be kept in a safe place free from natural disasters and Utah is located in a disaster safe region. 
  3. Utah has great connectivity options. When you need to access your data you don't want it to take a long time to download it. Fortunately Utah is located on the crossroads of Internet connectivity reaching the West coast and there are a lot of carriers to choose from.

With the importance of keeping costs low, reducing your disaster risk profile and being able to move vast amounts of data, Utah is a solid choice for data backup and data storage. In fact, many of the top data backup companies host their backup data infrastructure in Utah.


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