Utah's Beautiful Outdoors Makes Colocation More Enjoyable

Some people may like the concrete jungle, but when you've spent the day in a data center facility there isn't anything like a beautiful mountain hike to clear the mind.

While Utah is known for it disaster safe geography and low cost power rates to colocation customers, it also boasts world class summer and winter outdoor activities. 

Home to 7 world class ski resorts along with the facilities from the 2002 winter olympic games, Utah is a dream come true for skiers, snowboarders and snow enthusiasts. Then in the summer time these ski resorts convert to incredible mountain biking and hiking venues where they lift you up on their tram and let you bike or hike down and take in the beautiful vistas.

Down south in central and southern Utah are 5 national parks with amazing red rock features, trails and recreational opportunities for rock climbers, boating and water skiers. Most outdoors guidebooks list southern Utah as a top 10 outdoor destination in the world. 

Most data center customers don't realize that colocation in Utah has so many outdoor perks until they visit the state and feel the adventure build up inside of them. 

With so many outdoor opportunities, Utah is truly a great place to enjoy life when you're not in the server room.

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