Utah Economy Booming, Driving Data Center Colocation

Utah grew it's economy by over 3% in 2014, far more than the national 1.8% average and good enough for third place among all US states. Unemployment rates are low at 3.6%, fourth best in the US and job creation rates are high at 3.38% for third best in the US. 

What do all of these numbers mean for data center colocation in Utah? It's a hot market. Businesses are growing at an aggressive pace and with business growth comes data infrastructure growth: new projects, scaling up applications, new customers and services. Business growth and data infrastructure growth go hand in hand. 

Fortunately, Utah boasts some of the nations best environments for data center colocation with its disaster safe geography, low power rates for those energy intensive servers and a moderate cool-desert climate. Certainly Utah's data center market for multi-tenant colocation will be strong in 2015 and beyond. 


Utah Economic Outlook

Data for Utah's Low Unemployment Rate

Data for Utah's Job Creation Rate

Data for Low National Power Costs

Data for Low Disaster Risk Assertion