Huge Tech Growth Drives Demand for Utah Colocation

Lehi, Utah is hot bed for tech office space. By the years end there will be about 2.5MM sq. ft. of Class-A office space. Driving the growth is the central proximity to both Salt Lake City and Provo, accessibility with a Front Runner train station and the freeway and the prestige of being located next to some of the hottest tech companies around.

All of these factors bode well for C7 Data Centers, who has data center facilities at the point of the mountain next to Lehi. Companies like to have their hardware in a nearby data center facility, and C7's is the closest you can get to this tech hot bed. 

A trend we're seeing is relocation of  corporate divisions of major tech companies to Lehi. Oracle, Adobe and Microsoft all have office space or even their own buildings there in Lehi. Low cost of living, great outdoor lifestyle and a pool of great tech talent drive the appeal to relocated corporate divisions to Utah. While not tech focused, Goldman Sachs and many other companies have a large presence in Salt Lake City as well.

As the premiere colocation data center provider in Utah, C7 is doing well with their facilities located around hi-tech localities in Utah.


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