CA Fiber Attacks Should Be The Last Straw

Recently there were some cut fiber lines in California which appear to be an attack on the fiber connectivity for several providers. Many Internet Carriers were affected, most notably Level 3 Communications, which has the highest reputation for their service delivery network and uptime. 

While California enjoys a glut of tech companies in the Bay Area, it seems ridiculous that they would host their infrastructure there as well. But the server hugger mentality persists, unnecessarily increasing the operational costs of a company's IT Department. Additionally, California has a major fault line running through it, and is prone to major earthquakes.

As if the high cost of power and earthquakes weren't enough to convince you to get of the Coast and inland to Utah, now companies have to deal with downtime due to attacks on fiber lines. This should be the last straw. What else is it going to take for IT Directors and C-Level management to understand that it doesn't make sense to keep your data infrastructure in California?


Fiber lines being cut:

California earthquake threat:

Description of a Server Hugger: